3rd Edition published April 2012
  • Fully revised and updated classic
  • Coverage expanded to include protocols for routine and for complex cases
  • Includes new chapter on extreme tooth displacement and complicating factors
  • Provides unparalleled coverage of the evidence base
  • Highly illustrated in full colour
  • Every imaginable tooth impaction

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Dear Website Subscriber/Member,

In July of 2011, I initiated my monthly Newsletter Bulletins in which I have now published a long series of articles within the specific context of tooth impaction. These Bulletins have covered the full range of subjects related to impaction, including prevalence, diagnosis, treatment options and treatment plans, the causes of failure, as well as presenting case reports that highlight various associated and clinically relevant phenomena. I have deliberately restricted the overall context of this website and I have covered a great deal of its broad range, because it is not readily available elsewhere. You simply won’t find it set out in any ordered and didactic manner in the orthodontic or surgical literature. It is an area which I have researched over the years and it is that area in orthodontics closest to my heart, as witnessed by my textbook on the subject, in its 3 editions.

I originally expected to be able to find good material for a dozen or so Bulletins but in the 7 years that the website has been in existence, I have managed to publish 77 illustrated essays, at the rate of 11 per year….. and there is still more to come! I have only allowed myself an annual vacation in the month of August.

Having checked off one relevant tooth-impaction subject after another, I find it progressively more difficult to search out items that are worthy of discussion and to discover good, new and interesting material to maintain the level and frequency of this profuse output. The last thing that I would want to do is to bore you, my loyal readers, by unnecessarily repeating certain topics or by simply offering routine case reports from which there may be little to learn.

I am always interested in seeing unusual and rare anomalies and welcome receiving e-mails which could fit into the heading “.... have you ever seen anything like this?” If I ever use them on the website, it will only be with the express permission of the sender and noted “by courtesy of Dr. …….”, as I have done until now.

I encourage you my colleagues to sift through the archive feature on my blog in the quest to resolve these problems among your own patients and to seek ways in which to successfully treat even the most intractable impactions. The chances are that you will find the description of a problem very similar to your own problem case in these monthly bulletins. Today, there are many new modalities that have been developed in dentistry as the result of research in the science of materials, some of which we likely have not even considered using to our advantage.

So, is that it? Will I stop writing Newsletter Bulletins?

Most definitely not!

As of now, my intention is to continue to upload and publish new bulletins as I have over the past 7 years. The only difference is that it will be on a less regular basis and related to new material, new ideas and perhaps new ways of looking at old problems, as these flicker across my orthodontic radar screen.

I plan to remain accessible by e-mail to all who wish to write. I invite anyone who is looking for a way to sort out what appears to be an intractable impaction problem to send me the patient records through the Clinical Consultation feature on the blog, and I will try to recommend a way of resolving the problem. This is the only part of my blog for which I request payment - for the modest sum of US$150 (+ VAT if the request originates here in Israel) you will receive a written report.

I hope that I may look forward to hearing from you and to remaining connected with you in the future.                                                                                                                                                               Best wishes,                                                                                                                                                   Sincerely,


Adrian Becker,                                                                                                                                                Jerusalem, Israel May 2018