Learning about Impacted Teeth
3rd Edition published April 2012
  • Fully revised and updated classic
  • Coverage expanded to include protocols for routine and for complex cases
  • Includes new chapter on extreme tooth displacement and complicating factors
  • Provides unparalleled coverage of the evidence base
  • Highly illustrated in full colour
  • Every imaginable tooth impaction

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I would guess that most of us were probably not more than a few months into the practice of Orthodontics before we came across our first case with impacted teeth. Likely as not, we succeeded in resolving the problem and producing a fine alignment of all the teeth, including the impacted one. On the basis of this case, we may have developed quite a yen for similar treatments in other cases until, one fine day, we were stopped short by the tooth that refused to budge. We tried everything from increasing the traction force, changing its direction, giving the tooth “a shake” with extraction forceps, to no avail. Perhaps we managed to align the tooth, but there was the most awful periodontal condition, or there was a long clinical crown with much root surface exposed, or the tooth was very mobile or the root had been resorbed away. Was our orthodontic or surgical technique at fault? Are we able to identify, ahead of time, those cases that are destined to fail and are there prognosis predictors that can help us to know when not to offer the orthosurgical modality of treatment?

There are very few graduate/postgraduate orthodontic programs which include in their curriculum a systematic and reasoned approach specifically to the treatment of impacted teeth. How often do we see glaring mistakes made, patients physically harmed and law suits pending because of the old adage “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”? Good clinical practice with the orthodontic/surgical modality of treatment is based on original research and years of clinical experience and these are the essential ingredients that build academic knowledge and, from there, lead to clinical success.

Troubleshooting impacted teeth is not just a catchy slogan. The aim of this website is to offer an educational resource to broaden the knowledge and sharpen the clinical skills of orthodontic colleagues wherever they are located.

Courses in the Treatment of Impacted Teeth

We offer 1-day, 2-day and 3-day highly illustrated and practical training courses in the treatment of impacted teeth. These are designed to be comprehensive and complete in themselves and we are prepared to present them in any suitable location. They are also  offered as pre-congress or post-congress courses associated with professional orthodontic or orthodontic/surgical meetings, the annual meeting of a Society or as an integral module in a graduate/postgraduate training program. The courses are given, as a duo, by Professor Stella Chaushu and me and can be arranged by direct e-mail contact to info@dr-adrianbecker.com or to adrian.becker@mail.huji.ac.il

Both Stella and I, individually or together, are also available for single Guest lectures or as Keynote speakers at conferences, teaching departments, learned societies and other suitable venues. Please contact us through info@dr-adrianbecker.com or to adrian.becker@mail.huji.ac.il

Our upcoming courses are as follows:-

1. Moscow, Russia - 15-16 September 2019. A 2-day course on Impacted Teeth with Prof. Stella Chaushu

2. Warsaw, Poland – 26-28 November 2019. A 2-day course on Impacted Teeth with Prof. Stella Chaushu