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Bulletin Index

Bulletin #78August 2018Impacted canines in a dentition with missing teeth and teeth with poor prognosis
Bulletin #77May 2018Severe Impactions and the Orthodontic Ball Park
Bulletin #76April 2018Etiology of an infraoccluded permanent molar
Bulletin #75March 2018Determining the Dental Age of a Patient
Bulletin #74February 2018The evolving orthodontic appliance: an appliance for all seasons
Bulletin #73January 2018Bilateral Impacted Canines:diagnosis and treatment planning
Bulletin #72December 2017Can early treatment change root shape of a dilacerate incisor? Part 2
Bulletin #71November 2017Can early treatment change root shape of a dilacerate incisor? Part 1
Bulletin #70October 2017Surgeon & Orthodontist at the Surgical Exposure?
Bulletin #69September 2017A locked out canine: implications for treatment planning
Bulletin #68July 2017The Bracket On The Adjacent Lateral Incisor
Bulletin #67June 2017A Gross Miscarriage of Justice!
Bulletin #66May 2017Trauma modifies the development of an unerupted incisor
Bulletin #65April 2017Impacted Canines, Adjacent Roots and Directional Traction
Bulletin #64March 2017A fatal mistake with a transposed canine
Bulletin #63February 2017Impacted canines and severe incisor root resorption: the ultimate orthodontic challenge
Bulletin #62January 2017Is PEIR a causal factor for non-eruption?
Bulletin #61December 2016The monster permanent maxillary lateral incisor
Bulletin #60November 2016Follicular enlargement, peg-shaped incisors and canine-driven resorption
Bulletin #59October 2016Dilemmas in treatment planning an infraoccluded mandibular second molar
Bulletin #58September 2016Multiple tooth impaction in the young adult
Bulletin #57July 2016Can we stop the distally migrating mandibular second premolar?
Bulletin #56June 2016Cone beam computerized tomography for impacted teeth
Bulletin #55May 2016Positional diagnosis of impacted teeth. Part 1: Pairing planar radiographs
Bulletin #54April 2016Unerupted teeth cannibalizing their neighbors: part 2
Bulletin #53March 2016Unerupted teeth cannibalizing their neighbors: part 1
Bulletin #52February 2016Cleidocranial Dysplasia - the Jerusalem Approach: part 4
Bulletin #51January 2016Failure of eruption and the hooked root apex - cause or effect?
Bulletin #50December 2015Will these impacted teeth respond?
Bulletin #49November 2015The Best Laid Plans
Bulletin #48October 2015Convincing parents to accept difficult treatment decisions - extractions
Bulletin #47September 2015The \\"high-above-the-vestibulum\\" canine
Bulletin #46July 2015The Dilemma of the Root Apex of a Dilacerate Incisor: questions and answers
Bulletin #45June 2015Treatment planning bilaterally impacted and transposed labial canines
Bulletin #44May 2015The Impacted Mandibular Canine
Bulletin #43April 2015Impaction resolution difficulty, root resorption, prognosis and appearance
Bulletin #42March 2015Root development in impacted teeth
Bulletin #41February 20156 distinct types of resorption associated with tooth impaction
Bulletin #40January 2015Infraocclusion or impaction of the maxillary first permanent molar
Bulletin #39December 2014After completion of Orthodontic Treatment - a "pink" maxillary central incisor
Bulletin #38November 2014Non-eruption of a developing mandibular first permanent molar
Bulletin #37October 2014Iatrogenic, appliance-generated, obstruction of impacted maxillary canines
Bulletin #36September 2014Interceptive uprighting of incisor roots to eliminate maxillary canine impaction
Bulletin #35July 2014Unraveling intertwined incisor roots
Bulletin #34June 2014The things that you’re liable to read in the Journals: it ain’t necessarily so!
Bulletin #33May 2014A maxillary canine impacted in all directions: thinking outside the box
Bulletin #32April 2014Rescuing Teeth Impacted in Dentigerous Cysts
Bulletin #31March 2014Treatment Planning a Case of Bilateral Canine Impaction
Bulletin #30February 2014Impacted maxillary first molars
Bulletin #29January 2014Treatment planning an impacted canine with severe incisor root resorption
Bulletin #28December 2013On the immutability of location of the developing root apex
Bulletin #27November 2013Cleidocranial dysplasia – the Jerusalem Approach: part 3
Bulletin #26October 2013Cleidocranial dysplasia – the Jerusalem Approach: part 2
Bulletin #25September 2013Cleidocranial dysplasia – the Jerusalem Approach: part 1
Bulletin #24July 2013Pre-eruptive intracoronal resorption
Bulletin #23June 2013Obstructive impaction of a central incisor
Bulletin #22May 2013The etiology of maxillary canine impaction: Part 2
Bulletin #21April 2013The etiology of maxillary canine impaction: Part 1
Bulletin #20March 2013Invasive Cervical Root Resorption (ICRR)
Bulletin #19February 2013Banana maxillary third molars
Bulletin #18January 2013Canines that resorb lateral incisors – can it be a Win-Win situation?
Bulletin #17December 2012Impaction of the maxillary second premolar due to a severely infraoccluded deciduous predecessor
Bulletin #16November 2012The palatally-impacted labial canine
Bulletin #15October 2012What price negligent reading of radiographs?
Bulletin #14September 2012The “monster” central incisor
Bulletin #13July 2012What is a closed eruption surgical exposure?
Bulletin #12June 2012Infraoccluded teeth as bone anchors for the resolution of tooth impaction and for maxillary protraction
Bulletin #11May 2012Treatment of the "Classic" Dilacerate Maxillary Incisor
Bulletin #10April 2012The “Classic” Dilacerate Maxillary Incisor
Bulletin #9March 2012Trauma-generated intrusive impaction of previously erupted teeth
Bulletin #8February 2012Impacted mandibular second premolars
Bulletin #7January 2012Opening space for the canine – it’s not as simple as it seems!
Bulletin #6December 2011Salvaging a failing case
Bulletin #5November 2011The third dimension in directional traction of an impacted tooth
Bulletin #4October 2011The zygomatic plate: a useful adjunct for the treatment of impacted molars
Bulletin #3September 2011Should we always create space in the dental arch for an impacted canine, before it is exposed?
Bulletin #2August 2011Remove the cause and the problem goes away – or does it?
Bulletin #1July 2011Attachments for bonding during surgical exposure of the impacted tooth